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Prompt post: spoileriffic

This is the spoileriffic prompt post for Winter Companions - these prompts contain spoilers for Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and/or Last of the Time Lords. All you need to do to join is pick a prompt and comment here to claim it.

If you're looking for prompts without spoilers for these episodes, go here instead.

You have until August 27th to write, vid or otherwise create your entry, and you can claim prompts right up until then. Don't worry: more than one person can use the same prompt, and you can claim more than one as well. Write or create as many entries as you like.

You can use more than one prompt for one entry, and you can combine prompts from both lists. The separate lists are just to make sure no one gets accidentally spoiled by looking at prompts.

There's no length or size requirement - from drabble to epic, from icons to wallpaper to painting, it's all good.

Please remember that this is a Ten/Jack fest - some of the prompts may deal with things that happen before the Doctor's regeneration, but your story must focus on Jack and the tenth Doctor. Other incarnations of the Doctor can appear, of course.

No other restrictions, apart from common sense. (Which is to say - no character bashing, please!)

Once you're done, post your fic/artwork/vid/... to this community, or post it to your own journal/webspace and post a link on this community. Please include the following header info when you post to the comm:

Prompt used:

When you post your entry, make sure anything spoilery is hidden behind a cut, including any prompts from the spoileriffic list.

Any more questions? Leave us a comment on the rules post. And if you're all set to go now, here are your spoileriffic prompts:

  • "Carry on, my wayward son."

  • "I never imagined I could leave."
    - 'Where' by Lisbeth Scott (Narnia Soundtrack)

  • "Jack, don't you dare."

  • "Stop it."

  • "You are a freak. If I knew how to destroy you, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment."

  • "You are worse than the Master ever was, Jack."

  • "The second time to apologise."

  • "You're a fact." - What does that mean?

  • A scene of any sort set while Martha's out getting food.

  • After the Doctor and Jack part ways, the Doctor goes off on his usual adventures but meets him over and over again in the future; it's centuries of change for Jack, but no more than a few months for the Doctor.

  • During the lost year Jack falls for the Master as he controls him in every way! He covers his grief on his death but plots his revenge.

  • During The Year The Never Was, Jack somehow manages to get some alone time with an un-aged Doctor. They discuss people you fancy, and who don't know you even exist. Smut ensues.

  • Given how he referred to Jack in The Sound of Drums, and Last of the Time Lords, was there a grudging attraction to him in the Master? The Master uses his 'influence' to twist Jack's mind, and keeps him in the seeming state of shock to keep him compliant. What can Ten do to protect him?

  • Grieving over the Master, Jack takes it upon himself to comfort him, but the Doctor doesn't want comfort he want's to be left alone, how will Jack get through to him? Also The Doctor says something horrible to Jack which really hurts him.

  • I thought that Jack/John Barrowman was a little anxious/nervous in that final scene, like the emotion was overwhelming him. What was Jack thinking and feeling as he walked away?

  • In "Utopia" Jack says he stayed away from Rose in the 20th century to avoid crossing the timelines. But somewhere else between 1869 and 2008 he spots the TARDIS, and can't resist the temptation. Of course there are consequences...

  • It is a shattered and emotionally hurt Jack who returns to Torchwood. How does Ianto help him recover.

  • Jack discovers he is pregnant with the Master's child on returning to Torchwood three.

  • Jack. Restrained and tortured for one year aboard the Valliant, with the doctor silently watching. Confrontation after the Master is dead - how can the Doctor forgive a man who did such horrible things to Jack?

  • Jack/Ten - 100 years from the end of LotTL - reunion.

  • Jack's always been good to the Doctor, but gets abandoned, immortalised, and has to take the slow path back to the Doctor only to be told he's 'wrong'.
    I would love to see a fic where Ten finally thanks Jack properly.
    Preferably long & dirty, but that's up to you! :D

  • Martha tells Jack he is the head in the jar! What's Jack reaction and does he call on the Doctor to help him stop it?

  • Master forced the Doctor to have sex with Jack to hurt him. Jack ends up pregnant & that's why he leaves. How will the Doctor react, will he want to be with the kid and Jack?

  • Pissed off about the Doctor disabling the vortex manipulator, Jack finally gives up on keeping his family out of it. He sends a message to his son/daughter (only one kid, he bore it) who a) drops off a new vortex manipulator, or b) comes to get him.

  • Post-series, Jack and Martha get together, but the Doctor then comes back for Jack.

  • See, what Jack did wrong was he didn't steal the Tardis, kill a billion people, and cage the Doctor. If he had, the Doctor might have been as cut up over what happened to him as he was over the Master. Angry!Jack/Ten confrontation.

  • Some time after his return to Torchwood Jack stumbles onto a device that erases and de-erases memories. Turns out most of his lost two years were spent with the Doctor, fighting in the time war.

  • The calm of a satisfied soul.

  • The Doctor find out he is not the 'Face of Boe' but her mother and he still exsists pretty much as he is now at the very end and it is him that funds the search for 'Utopia' and gets his daughter to send the Doctor.

  • The Doctor goes off to do some thinking and soon realizes he's an idiot. He manages to get back to Jack the night after the year that never was and offers his apologies.

  • The Doctor, Jack, and the end of that abbreviated Torchwood discussion.

  • The Master is very persuasive. What can he persuade Jack to do to the Doctor? And what could he never, ever persuade him to do?

  • The tenth Doctor goes on a crusade across time and space to prevent Jack from turning into The Face of Boe.

  • Time and eternity.

  • What if, after Martha decides not to go with the Doctor, he gives Jack another chance, and Jack says yes this time?

  • Why does the Doctor always run away? And does Jack understand?

On August 28th, we'll be posting a masterlist of all entries submitted. Have fun writing/creating!
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